Can-Roxy Trading Inc. is a leading importer and wholesale distributor of Asian specialty food products. Serving communities across Canada since 1994, Can-Roxy supplies ethnic retailers, food manufacturers, food service as well as mainstream supermarkets with the best that Asia has to offer - from classic food ingredients that conjure a taste of home to organic food products that promote a healthier lifestyle. Innovation, quality and value - core values that we strive for everyday.

Established in 1994, we share a similiar story like many Canadians with dreams to grow and prosper. Through food we were able to share and make connections with our communities and families across the GTA and beyond. 

We have been working together with our established partners and community owned enthic grocery stores to bring the best that Asia has to offer to you and your family for over 20 years. Our partnerships are vital to our goals and values, that help us strive to learn and be better everyday. We are constantly making an effort to expand our reach within Canada and hope to work with all Canadians.
We are constantly sourcing new products and connections to bring you the latest in Asia food trends from Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. Our goal and intentions are nothing but the best for our partners and your families, we believe that food is a universal language that everybody can understand.